Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Zinsco International Ltd handles all types of import and export cargo by air and sea. Clearance of Chemicals, Plastic & Polymers, scraps, machineries & equipment both old and new, refunds with customs, DGFT matters for IEC and import licenses etc. are few of them. We have built up good reputation and relationship with Customs, Port Trust and also with personnel of Steamer Agents/ Air Lines which facilitate speedy completion of formalities / functions with these Departments / Units. We are also fully equipped with necessary infrastructure. Having a good experience in handling Project, Plant and Machinery, we consolidate our position in this area. We believe in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Our customers are linked through our sophisticated communication system. We provide easy access to all important Information and on-line status report at any time. In short, we handle all formalities including Project registration with Customs and also clearance of consignment. Most Popular Clearing Agent in Bangladesh.


  • Clearance under various schemes such as EPCG, DEEC, DFRC, etc. from Airport, Seaport and ICD.

  • Clearance of Goods for Warehousing.

  • De-bonding of goods from customs bonded warehouse under various schemes - EPCG. DEEC, DEPB, etc.

  • Clearance under payment of duty.

  • Clearance under fast track / green channel.

  • Clearance of second hand machinery.

  • Clearance of EOU / EPZ / EHTP / STP


  • Export Clearance under Duty Free Shipping Bill

  • Export Clearance under DEEC, DFRC, EPCG.

  • Export Clearance of Dutiable goods.

  • Export Clearance under Duty Drawback or Drawback under section 74
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